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Our films are completely produced by us, a procedure which guarantees top quality and flexibility. The latest equipment is used for our productions: e.g. Avid, Sonic; effects are processed with Boris and much more.

AVID HD Adrenaline 4:3 / 16:9 digital film video editing. Editing system ON-Line, 24 Video- und Audiolayer / HDSDI / YUV / RGB / S-VHS / Comp. / Firewire ...

Real time effects 3D, Cinema 4D, Boris Red, Photo-Shop, Illustrator, X-ray scanner, etc. 


Digital audio mixer, sound effects, extensive soundeffect-archive and speaker cabin.




Picture and record carriers are available in all the internationally common formats and norms (FullHD, Pal,Secam, NTSC).


Video production with Director on CD and DVD with SDI (SD 2000 / Sonic Producer) in Pal or NTSC. Sonic authoring for production of digital media.

CD / DVD mass production / robot with water tight four-colour thermo sublimation print.




Packshot studio, various backgrounds, pressurised air, ideal access, etc.




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