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Beside our mainbusiness, the production of many different movies, we develop Exxtalin®. Exxtalin® is a synthetic material with a surface like human vessels. The cutting and suture properties are super realistic.

With this we construct different vessels like Carotis, Microvessel (down to 1mm diameter) and abdominal aorta.

Our editing suite gets update with Avid Nitris and the Euphonix Tools.


Different movies about the work of a operation-room assistant gets produced.

The whole live-direction gets on the digital signals SD/HD P2 (Tapeless) updated. With the big improvement in quality and in production flow our work is state of the art again.

The first time ever we operate live from three surgery rooms simultaneously and send our pictures around the world over satellite.

The development of the ITU Trainingtower starts. So doctors and surgeons arount the globe can train how the setup a stent without x-rays.

Our Publicity is growing and the Video-Atelier goes on air at Berlin.

Unique clips got taken from hazardous situations at the north face of the famous Eiger.


Our Postproduction get update to the new AVID Adrenaline. With this update we are able to progress on almost every input (HD, SDI, ...).

The online-shop is born.



A totally newly revised cold light system has been developed and is successfully implemented in live broadcasting.

We now have three broadcast cameras 4:3 / 16:9 / SDI available, which enable us to broadcast out of two different operating theatres. Thanks to our newly developed car trailer with retractable cabin and the compactly constructed flight case system our mobility has been vastly increased. Within 5 hours we are ready for sending from all parts of Switzerland. We have a right to see ourselves as ranking among the pioneers of the medical and dental filming industry.

The entire range of live equipment is updated to the latest technical state and compactly and comfortably packed into so called flight cases. This practice greatly reduces assembly and disassembly times of the technical infrastructure in the operating theatre, which means further progress in quality, mostly in mobility is reached. The integration of the three sons guarantees the future of our medical and dental filming.

Dent-Video Service ( is established. This creates a platform for world-wide online sales of dental films.

Further upgrading of live equipment is continuously and consequently promoted.

The first overseas orders from renowned medical companies become reality. We now operate in Germany, Palermo, Paris, Austria and Milan. One year later major satellite live broadcasts world-wide are realised for the very first time.

We are predominantly producing surgical films and implantation films. Live broadcast receives more and more priority. For the first time we are launching into the highly demanding filming technique of dental medicine. We take part in high-tech medical conventions in different places.

The expansion to a fully digital direction provides a further considerable progress in quality.

Due to the newly developed and unique live equipment we are able to reach optimal and highly respectable results in medical filming.

With the move from Berne to Solothurn Othmar Keel takes the opportunity to change BERNA records AG into Video-Atelier Keel AG and launches his own company. Not only medical filming but industrial filming as well is successfully practiced.

Formation of BERNA records AG in Berne

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